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Duck Hunting Boats of Distinction
The new era of duck hunting boats has arrived!

Remember, we punish the rocks and ice!
All Aluminum Boats
5 year Hull Warranty
Why go anywhere else??

Duck Water Boats has a New Home!

Duck Water Boats has been growing and we’ve outgrown our old shop. We are now housed in a new, bigger plant where we can continue to bring you the greatest duck hunting boats in the nation. Check out our new home here

Duck Water Boats New Plant

Check out our Ice Water Airboats!


Duck Water Boat

With a design like this, why would you consider any other boat?

To all fellow Duck Hunters:

We have built the most upscale duck-hunting rig that money can buy. We know the things you need to make your hunt a successful one, so we’ve incorporated them in the boat at no extra charge.

We started hunting ducks from the banks and as we could afford we moved into a canoe and then a jon boat and now we hunt out of the Rolls Royce of all duck hunting rigs. We know what it is like to scrape to afford a duck-hunting rig. We want every duck hunter to be able to enjoy the safe and comfortable rigs that we build. We are pleased to offer you a quality built fully rigged duck hunting boat for much less than the competition.

Best of Gunning,

Duck Water Boats, Inc.

Harold M. Whitacre, III
Naval Architect, Marine Engineer