Owner of a Venture 21 moving up to a Blackhawk 23’………

Hey Steve. Can’t wait till I get my Blackhawk 23. As you know I have been extremely happy with my Venture 21. Very stable and safe. Always handle the bay’s chop and 2-4 footers with no problem. Not to mention all the room I have in the boat. This year hunted a lot with the layout boats and 10 doz decoys. I do not know of any other boat that size that can handle that. I have no problem running 15 or 20 miles down the bay searching for the birds in any weather. Just wish we had some ice this year to break. I know you remember the trip up in Mass going out in 5 footers and 35 mph wind again very safe and handled excellent. Although you remember trying to load it on the trailer with the crosswind and slamming into the piling taking a chunk out of it but no damage to the boat. Glad it wasn’t fiberglass. I do need a stove in my new boat.


Owner of a Blackhawk 23’………

Hey Steve, good to see ya the other day. Just wanted to thank you for the boat, and all your hard work and extra effort to get it to me on time for the season. As you could probably tell I am tickled to death with the boat! Best boat I have ever owned! Can’t find anything I don’t like about it. I would be happy to be a reference, you can have anyone call me.

Thanks again,

Captain Chad Muse
Bucks-n-Ducks guide Service

Owner of a Fighter 17’………

Hi Steve – Just to let you know……..That is the absolute best, most stable boat of that size I have ever been in. 3 of us went fishing on Lake Geneva today and the winds kicked up to over 30. The lake was full of white caps and 4 – 6ft swells. It handled perfect and I actually felt very safe at 3/4 throttle. I am very impressed – it is so smooth. I am so happy with my boat. The blind is awesome too – I am going to start hunting Lake Michigan with it in a couple weeks – it is more than enough boat to handle it.
Anyways, thanks again for a great boat – I couldn’t be happier.


Owner of a Drone 15’………

Hi Steve: I know with my Drone 15 pictures on the web site you have been getting many Questions about how the boat performs with a mud motor on it. As you know I am a super avid Duck hunter and Fisherman. I live in Upstate NY near both Lakes Erie and Ontario. I hunt the St. Lawrence River area as well as the Eastern NY and Southern US during various seasons. I know that many people in the US do not hunt in nasty weather or if they do, the water they hunt in does not have large waves as a factor. We here are a exception to that case. I hunt many shallow water Bays, Rivers and of course the Great Lakes. The boat has performed even better than my expectations. As advertised, it has seen its collisions with rocks ,stumps logs and lots of ice, 2 inches plus without any damage at all. The boat performs very well with a mud motor on it . We have no problem of running in 6 inches of water and mud. I generally hunt with 2 or three guys, about 2 to 3 dozen goose and duck decoys, a Lab and 20 lb propane heater and electric motor and batteries. The boat hauls a heavy load outstanding.
The day after the pictures that are on the site were shot we were hunting the St. Lawrence near the mouth of Lake Ontario a storm blew in and the winds were gusting past 50 mph. We were running with the waves which is a big plus factor. The waves went from about 3 ft when we started home to about 5 to 6 ft when we got home. We never put a drop of water in the boat. Not that I recommend doing that. But it handled that big water amazing! In my old 16 ft semi v john boat I would have been spending the night on a island. I currently run a 31 vangaurd mudbuudy on it. I would probably say the new 45 would be the perfect match. I am changing carb and muffle on mine to get it in the 40 hp range. Thanks, for building a great boat. If any one has questions feel free to have them email or call.