We feature the largest cockpit space in the industry. Guides and Big Water Duck Hunters Call the factory to discuss your dream rig. We are decades above our competition! The new line of boats are the toughest boats in the industry.

You now can hunt when the conditions of the water is rough or iced. The .250 gauge hull will bust just about anything! The new line of boats will punish the rocks and docks. These rigs are truly maintenance free.

Note: Our boats NO LONGER come with a trailer. Motors are not included in pricing.

Call us first before you purchase any aluminum boat

Why Aluminum:
Duck Water Boats has decided after much deliberation and research to change to aluminum hulls. The aluminum is 1/4″ thick using 5086 marine grade plate. We switched due to hearing stories of boats rubbing holes in the side and hulls cracking due to roller bunks. We decided that you should get a boat that will last you a lifetime.

Trailers: With aluminum you can use a roller bunk trailer to get into the shallow ramps that we often encounter. The fiberglass hulls will spider crack due to the stress of the rollers.

The ease of customization: We have changed our hulls to a deeper “v” for a dry ride and the ease of slicing through big waters. We can custom build your dream aluminum boat, because we are not limited by fiberglass molds. The consoles are built in aluminum, so your dashboards can be customized.

Durability and repair ability: There are absolutely no fiberglass boats that will ever compare to our all welded 1/4″ plate; Aluminum will survive more of an impact than fiberglass. Fiberglass will rupture while aluminum may merely dent. Fiberglass is subject to cracking and fracturing during impact. The ease of repairing aluminum is as simple as cutting the section out and re-welding a new plate. The fiberglass repair calls for cutting the floor out to get to the hull to glass from both sides.

Flammability: Aluminum does not burn. Fiberglass contains petroleum base resins, which burns quickly. You would not stand a chance in an all fiberglass hull.

Corrosion resistance: The salt- water corrosion resistance of the 5086 marine grade alloy is excellent and has been demonstrated by Alcoa in a thirty year test from the mid 1930’s to the mid 1960’s. Fiberglass boats will chalk and look very displeasing.

Just imagine that you are gunning from the Ocean 19′, this rig will be the only boat that guides or individuals will ever need to buy. The rig has the largest cockpit opening to allow for more paying customers. The Ocean 19′ is the true flagship of the industry. The all welded hull with a stringer that is similar in strength and construction to a much larger boat. The floatation boxes are tied with the shelving, which makes this boat invincible. The Ocean 19′ is built the same and still has a larger cockpit than any of the competitions 21′ boat hulls. You will have more than the freedom to go where you want, but also a lifetime hull to pass down to your children or grand children.

Do you want strength, durability, longevity, customization, comfort, and safety, then look no further.

We sell our boats on our own merits. We outsell the competition because we have the products you want and need. After all, we are “dyed-in-the-wool” duck hunters!!!

We are pleased to introduce the Safest, the most Functional, and the most Affordable duck hunting boats on the market today. Our desire was, and will continue to be, supplying our customers with boats which will keep you warm, dry, and safe even under the most adverse conditions.

Onboard, there are double sets of shelves on both the port and starboard sides of the boat to accommodate decoys, boat hooks, and whatever other gear you may have. The top shelves can hold your shotgun shells, duck calls, binoculars, or just a coffee cup.

Duck Water boats have a unique removable blind to allow for the most comfortable and accessible hunting. There are 3 positions that the blind can allow for shooting. The top can flip up for overhead shooting. For fast flying divers, the side can spring open allowing you to stay sitting or stand up and have a 360 degree shooting range even with the top down. The 1000 denier nylon is provided with a protective waterproof coating to allow you to hunt in the worst of weather conditions………. when the duck hunting is at it’s best.