Rescue 18′

Ice Water Air Boat Rescue 18′ $63,000 + tax and shipping

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Rescue 18′ Specifications

Length18′ 5″
Width at Waterline80″
Depth Inside of Boat28″
Top Beam Width96″

Rescue 18′ Features

  • The Rescue 18′ is constructed different than the traditional “T” bar.
    • We incorporated the same technology as we do with the duck boats.
    • We link the bulkheads and stringers together for superior strength.
    • We have test results showing the comparison of ‘T” bar vs. Ice Water and they were dead even in impact resistance.
  • The Rescue 18′ has a full cabin enclosure! We can paint the boats any color needed.
    • 5/8″ HDPA plastic mechanically fastened
    • Walk around cabin constructed of aluminum and Top Gun material
  • The outside keel edge proved in the water test to be a great attribute for turning!
  • The hull is 5086 Marin grade ¼” aluminum. The sides and floor is 3/16” marine grade alloy.
  • The Rescue 18′ has 3/8” Dura Pro UHMW polymer liner screwed and bolted onto the hull. We also silicon each screw and bolt head.
  • 6.2L LSA Supercharged 550 hp Levitator motor with a fan shroud with 6061 Schedule 30 and 40 tube and ½” 6061 solid bar.


Load Rite galvanized trailer$3,500

Ice Water Air Boat Rescue 18′ $63,000 + tax and shipping