Rescue 14′

Rescue 14′ – $28,000 + tax and shipping
Includes Trailer and Suzuki 25 HP Outboard Motor

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Rescue 14′ Specifications

Width at Waterline71″
Depth Inside of Boat27″
Ramp Door Length52″
Transom Height20″
Weight440 lb.
Top Beam Width84″

Rescue 14′ Features

  • Made of Marine grade .125 aluminum, same as most fire apparatus.
  • Aluminum commercial duty hull, that is design to maneuver in fast water to complete the assigned task safely. Whether, it is up river or down river.
  • Able to operate in shallow flood waters for evacuation of citizens, and or their companion animals if needed.
  • Front manually operated drop down Bow Ramp better enables the operator to load non-ambulatory, and semi ambulatory (wheel chairs) victims into the boat. May need to use; the optional ramp extensions for certain scenarios.
    • Able to walk on and walk off boarding, or loading from the shore.
    • Hinge for the ramp is located above the water line.
  • Multiple attachment points inside the boat to secure equipment, and patients to the deck.
  • Deck area that is large enough to begin treatment of a non-responsive patient.
  • Boat is rated for up to 40 hp. outboard motor. Also, the 14 foot boat can be propeled by rowing, paddling, or push poling in shallow flood waters.
  • Drop Down Bow Ramp has a detachable telescoping dive ladder.
  • Multiple attachment points on the outside and inside of the hull facilitate the use of various rive rescue techniques.
    • Dynamic Line Fairing across a stream or river.
    • Multiple Fixation Points line rescues.
    • Static Line Rescue.
    • Two boat tether as the down stream boat.
  • The design of this hull causes to be good for a stealth approach at slow speeds. (not much splash)
  • Haz-Mat; able to deploy and position booms on the water. For the containment of the polluting substance.
    • Easy to decontaminate (Haz-Mat and E M S ) since boat is constructed of aluminum.
  • Versatile design to transport your tools, and equipment to other vessels, or fixed shore line assets to do needed repairs.
  • Boat is constructed with buoyancy chambers.
  • 3 to 4 personnel are able to lift the boat from the trailer and launch the vessel. This is accomplished without the motor attached, nor fuel tank or battery.
  • High drift boat style sides.


Detachable wheel kit for the hullCall For Pricing
Control consoleCall for Pricing
L E D Navigation lightsCall For Pricing
Ramp extensions for bow rampCall For Pricing
Canoe paddlesCall For Pricing
Oars, Aluminum, telescoping, or woodCall For Pricing
Shallow water Tee handled stability staff 5.9 feet longCall For Pricing
Spot Lights or Scene lightingCall for Pricing
Anchor, anchor rode and line.Call for Pricing
Fire extinguisherCall for Pricing
Dock line kitCall For Pricing
Spare PropellersCall For Pricing
12 volt power portsCall For Pricing
Below the gunnels L E D deck lightingCall For Pricing
Basic tool kit for prop replacementCall For Pricing
Locking chest, for storage of equipment.
Can be kept on boat or mounted to the trailer.Call for Pricing
Spare fuel tank, fuel lineCall For Pricing
Boat coverCall for Pricing
Bimini TopCall for Pricing
Fold down bench seatsCall For Pricing
Rowing Seat
(must also purchase folding bench seats)Call for Pricing
Boat trailerCall for Pricing
Out board motor of choice
(choose one that has local service)Call for Pricing
Stripping, lettering or wrapCall For Pricing
pumpCall for Pricing
Life jackets or VestCall for Pricing

Rescue 14′ – $28,000 + tax and shipping
Includes Trailer and Suzuki 25 HP Outboard Motor